Disney Infinity Treated to Five New Custom Toy Box Levels Today


Today, Disney released a video showcasing this week’s featured levels for their open creation game, Disney Infinity. The video shows off five new levels/mini-games created by developer Avalanche and the Disney Infinity quality assurance team.

Normally, these levels are made by users and curated by Disney, specifically the team that works on Club Penguin. Hopefully we’ll start seeing some more user-created maps picked up and distributed by Disney very soon, as promised.

The first map is Toy Columbia, which is a recreation of the city in the sky from this year’s Bioshock Infinite. It’s got rails to glide on and plenty of high ledges to fall to your death from. You know, stuff that’s great for kids games.

The next is Jungle Cruise, which looks like a jungle that you can ride an elephant around in. Neat… I guess.

The third map is Sky Gauntlet, which is a lot like the television show WipeOut, but without the goofy 90’s animated text and awful clip-art. It’s a platformer’s dream, and I can’t wait to give it a shot.

The fourth map is called Blue Breakout, and has you trying to bust out of a particularly challenging maze set within a blue emporium. The map’s creators have apparently crafted some neat easter eggs just near the finish line, so keep an eye out.

The final map is something called Trench Run – and it’s particularly special. It’s a pretty faithful recreation of the trench run from ‘Star Wars IV: A New Hope,’ where Luke flies his ship through the mechanical trenches of the Death Star and blows it up by firing a missile into a small gap.

This feels a bit like a tease, since Disney owns Star Wars and its many properties, and could very well be a hint that some more Star Wars-related Disney Infinity goodness is on the way – perhaps in the form of figurines and playsets. However, Electronic Arts owns the rights to manufacture all Star Wars video games – but there very well might be a clause that allows Disney to bend around that rule for Infinity. Heck, they own the darn franchise.

I don’t know, but even if that’s not the case, Trench Run looks super neat. You can download it and the other four maps today on all platforms.

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