Beyond: Two Souls Demo Dated

Today on the PlayStation Blog, it’s been announced that the demo for Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls will hit PlayStation 3 consoles in the US on October 1, while it’ll hit European PS3s a day later on October 2.

In addition, it seems like Sony will be offering a chance for some lucky users to get the demo even earlier.

“There will be opportunities for a few of you to get in on September 24th,” says the post. “We’ll be announcing those soon.”

So what will we get in the demo? Two scenes from the game, and a chance to “experience the improvements Quantic Dream has made to Heavy Rain’s control scheme.” As you may remember, Heavy Rain is the last game Quantic Dream put out for the PlayStation 3. I suppose I never really thought about it, but I guess it makes sense that the two games from Quantic Dream might share aspects of each other’s control schemes.

One of the scenes will show “a very young Jodie,” presumably not played by regular actress Ellen Page, working in an experiment with the Department of Paranormal Activities. In that one, gamers will get to control “a mysterious, invisible entity.” Let’s skip the flavor text and just say you’ll be a ghost. The other level will task gamers with helping Jodie escape the government agents, again as the ghost person thing. ¡Que misterioso!

Anyway, that all happens in about a month. I’ve been kind of curious about Beyond: Two Souls since we saw it unveiled a couple E3s ago. But to be honest…I haven’t been that curious. Sometimes games can seem to take themselves a little too seriously for their own good, and I kind of get the feeling this might be one of them. And I haven’t played Heavy Rain, as it came out long before I got a PlayStation 3.

So what do you think? Are you down for Beyond: Two Souls? The fact that they’re going to release a demo about a week before launching on October 8 in North America (with October 9 and October 11 for Australian and European releases, respectively) is a pretty good sign. Pre-release demos show confidence. If this wasn’t going to be any good, we probably wouldn’t have a demo, right?

[Via PlayStation Blog]

  1. Definitely excited for the demo!

  2. Dafoe is the man.

  3. Ha, this game is gonna suck SOOOOOO BADLY

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