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The boys are live in Germany and did a podcast. ¬†What’s it about? I have no idea, I haven’t listened to it yet. Well, this should be exciting.

  1. can this please please please be a thing.

  2. This pitch sounds like a gamer version of fast and furious …. lol

  3. The abomination you just created should be called something like
    “SKILLZ: get your game on! ” or something like that, i think it captivates the
    seriousness and how deep this movie could be….please destroy the podcast
    before hollywood finds out

  4. goober fanny muffin cake

    da fuq

  5. This movie sounds amazing and I want to watch it.

  6. I like the pitch but the ‘sucking up the internet’ needs work…

    How about:
    As every gamer conference and tournament is kitted out with all the latest and most powerful computers the gamer team use this as cover to use the computers combined processing power to crack and hack…

    A cop is only alerted to the link when the team get greedy and do three heists in the US… whereas previously they had gone around the world doing different hacks in different countries (as non of the internal government agencies talk to other countries they had so far got away with it)

    Anyway, the FBI make the link that a gang is going across the world pulling off hacks at the same time as all these gamer events and so have to plant Jake in the next event…

    I would probably call it something like ‘Pwned’ – The Game is Just the Beginning

    I was also tempted by ‘3 Lives’ and combine this with the fact that Jake has a ‘home life’, ‘a gamer life’ and a ‘spy life’… 3 Lives ‘Life Has No Continues’

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