Vita Firmware Update Improves Media Streaming


Oh, PlayStation Vita. I love it, but I wish I used it more. Today, however, I learned that there’s a new firmware update available for the Vita that offers up little tweaks here and there that’ll make the times when I do use the handheld console more enjoyable.

To start, a more robust settings menu will pop up when you hold down the PS button, allowing control over not only brightness and chat, but also now gives users easier access to turning Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings on and off. Formerly, you would’ve had to cycle through various menus to get to those settings, and now they’re all there with a simple button-hold.

In addition, a post on the Verge points out a few other improvements. Now the Vita can enjoy media streaming directly from the PC or PlayStation 3 without having to move the media files directly to the Vita. That’s a bonus considering the pain and cost associated with the Vita’s proprietary memory cards, so that’s pretty awesome. But be sure that you have the right file format, as the Vita only seems to play nice with .avi videos.

Last and also kind of least, the post points out that the Vita’s “content bubbles” now look better due to antialiasing. But I’ll be honest. I looked pretty closely at the bubbles. I see no difference. But there you go.

Yay! Vita update! Hooray!

[Via the Verge]

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