Shadowrun Returns ‘Berlin’ DLC Slated for October Release


Shadowrun Returns, the cyberpunk style, sort-of-Seattle-centered, turn-based RPG that got its funding through Kickstarter and is available now on PC/Mac, will have its first DLC launch before the end of October, according to developer Harebrained Schemes.

The content is formally being referred to as the “Berlin” DLC, and will be a new campaign with additional story missions and quests. Look forward to it in late October.

The game itself has received its first patch, which fixes a few bugs despite the dev needing a bit more time to fix some of the additional menial issues. The awaited iOS version is still “a few weeks” away, as the dev wants to ensure they meet their “quality bar” for the mobile version. It’ll be available on compatible iPhones, iPads and iPods.

For more on what the team’s working on, including their focus on community-made content, hit up their blog post. And for more of what we’re working on, stay tuned to the IG Blog and our fancy-schmancy new YouTube channel. #bookercatch

[via Joystiq]

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