Sega and Other Game Companies Bidding for Atlus


For the last few weeks, we’ve been getting reports about the financial situation facing Japanese game publisher Atlus, whose parent company, Index, has started selling off all its assets as it goes through bankruptcy proceedings. That means that Atlus and all its IPs could wind up at a new home.

According to a post on Gematsu from a few days ago, which itself points back to an article on Bloomberg Japan, the bidding for Atlus has begun, with roughly 20 companies vying for ownership. Among them is Sega Sammy Holdings, also known simply as Sega.

The post cites “sources familiar with the situation” who say that the process of narrowing down the candidates will have begun this week, and it’s hoped that the company will be in new hands by the end of the month. Furthermore, bidding has already gone as high as ¥20 billion, or $201 million. Clearly bringing Atlus home won’t be cheap.

It’s been an interesting year thus far with regard to bankruptcies and companies changing hands. Earlier this year, THQ dissolved, with its assets finding new homes across the industry. Meanwhile, Atari filed for bankruptcy a few months ago, with IPs still popping up in new places every few weeks. The advantage here is that Atlus owns its IPs, so it won’t be too hard to figure out where everything winds up when all is said and done. One company will get purchased, and that’s where it’ll all go.

We’ll update the blog as we get more news about the Atlus auction. Stay tuned.

[Via Gematsu]

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