Pilotwings Map Added to Super Smash Bros. Wii U

pilotwings smash bros

A post on GameInformer points the way back to the website for Super Smash Bros, which has recently added a new image from game director Masahiro Sakurai. The GI post identifies it as “the lesson 3 map from Pilotwings on the Super Nintendo,” and the Smash Bros. site says that it was taken by Sakurai “during development.”

While knowing that it’s from Pilotwings is cool, it’s not totally apparent what this map will be used for in the game. It could be a playable level, but considering how flat it appears to be, I have my doubts, especially considering that in Pilotwings, players spent most of their time above the stage…you know, in the sky.

So maybe it’s a trophy? Or maybe I’m thinking of this all wrong: if it’s a level, maybe characters will be traversing the map’s borders, and it’ll rotate as the match progresses…could be anything, really. What role do you think it’ll play in the game when it comes out early next year?

[Super Smash Bros. via GameInformer]

  1. I’d land on that map.

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