New 3DS StreetPass Features Now Available


Today, Nintendo revealed that the 3DS handheld console will have the ability to connect to StreetPass Relay Points added as a feature. What that means, according to MyNintendoNews, is that 3DS owners can StreetPass with other 3DS owners at Nintendo Zones no matter what time they arrive. Think of it as passing a virtual baton, but instead of an actual baton, it’s some weird little caricature, and instead of winning a race, it’s actually just putting together some dumb puzzle.

In truth, the new feature is kind of neat from a social networking standpoint. Imagine you’re using your 3DS in the airport, before you get on your flight. Now, instead of needing to be around other people who are there right then and there who are using the 3DS, you’ll have access to far more StreetPass opportunities than before because of all the people who’ve already been there, and all the folks who are yet to come. In all, this is a positive for those who enjoy the StreetPass feature. Personally, I don’t really care about StreetPass, but that’s me.

In addition to this news, Nintendo also announced today that a new Nintendo Direct broadcast would be coming tomorrow morning. It’ll start at 10 a.m. Eastern, 7 a.m. Pacific right here, and will focus on “details about previously announced games for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.” Hopefully we’ll hear more about Super Smash Bros. for both platforms, and Mario Kart 8. What would be even more exciting would be some kind of unforeseen announcement that’ll make people run out and buy Wii Us. Maybe a new Metroid? Or a brand new IP? That’d be something, wouldn’t it?

[Via MyNintendoNews]

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