The Humble Bundle Deep Silver Bundle Includes Things You Might Like

You love Humble Bundles. I know you do. You love how you can get tons of indie games for a low, low price while directly supporting the hardworking developers and also some cool and helpful charities. Heck, sometimes you don’t mind helping a struggling game publisher like THQ (rest in peace) by buying massive Humble Bundles of their old games for dirt cheap.

And, since you truly love these packages so much, you’ll probably take interest in this week’s newest publisher-focused deal, the Deep Silver Humble Bundle.

The entire package includes Saints Row 2, Sacred 2: Gold Edition, Saints Row: The Third, and Risen 2: Dark Waters. You can pay as low as $1 to get your grubby digital mitts on these. But come on, you’ve got more heart than that, you old scallywag.

However, if you pay above the average donation amount (which is currently at $4.55), you’ll also get Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition (yeah, that’s a thing) as well as Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package, which includes all the numerous DLC packs that came after the game’s launch. If you pay $25 or more, they’ll throw in a copy of this year’s Dead Island: Riptide.

Up to you.

Take note though: this Humble Bundle only provides Steam keys for PC – no DRM free versions like all those indie game bundles. It’ll be available for your purchasing (or not purchasing) until 2 p.m. EDT on August 13. Check it out on Humble Bundle’s website.

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