Namco Bandai Working with Ex-LucasArts Devs on New Arcade IP

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According to a post on GameSpot, Namco Bandai is working with some former developers of LucasArts on a brand new IP for the arcades. That’s right—the arcades. Remember those? They worked on a revolutionary model that combined microtransactions with free-to-play: you put in a quarter, and got to play for a limited amount of time or lives, and then to continue playing, you had to insert more quarters. It was genius, I tell you.

So what is this new game? I don’t know! And neither does GameSpot. But according to Makoto Ishii, amusement machine group 2 division manager at Namco Bandai Singapore (the branch at which the game is being made), the game will not be released on consoles. That means you’ll have to venture into the dank, dungeon-like arcades to play it, whatever it turns out to be. In addition, there’s a team of 15 people working on the game, if that helps you figure out what it might be. Not me!

The new game—whatever it is—will be revealed “in the near future.” So, get to speculatin’. What the heck is this? What might it be? What kind of game would come from Namco Bandai, some ex-LucasArts developers, and be exclusive to the arcades in this day and age? Is it going to be the kind of thing that requires large peripherals that are no longer a sure bet, now that everyone is officially sick of Guitar Hero and DDR? And if that’s the case…what could that be that we haven’t seen already? Get crackin’ in the comments, people.

[Via GameSpot]

  1. Now if only Arcades didn’t went extinc in the entire world, this would be a GENIUS move, but then again, there is always Isla Nublar know as Japan where they still thrive and multiply.

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