DrinkBox Studios Announce New Guacamelee DLC

The folks who brought gamers Guacamelee for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita yesterday unveiled a new addition to its slate of DLC: “El Inferno,” a new DLC level that costs $2.99 in North America, and €2.49/£1.99 in Europe.

The new DLC will also provide three new character costumes: El Portero—a soccer goalie, Alebrije—a dream creature of some kind, and Diablo’s Suit—which drains enemy life, while making you look damn good while doing it.

So what’s going on El Infierno (which, as you may know, is Spanish for “THE HELL”)? Here’s the official description of the new level:

“Once a perfect bureaucratic nightmare, the Devil’s domain was thrown into chaos by Carlos Calaca’s uprising. Rooms where the damned were tortured with never-ending paperwork now host a twisted form of entertainment—a series of challenges where the strongest and most agile must prove their skills.”

Want to see what the DLC has in store for you? Check out the screenshot slideshow above. I still gotta pick this game up…but it looks fun as hell.

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