Cube World Update Brings New Content, Scalable GUI, and Better Performance


The recently gone-into-alpha, exploration-focused, voxel-based game Cube World is getting some neat updates to help flesh out and refine its simple but surprisingly deep experience. In addition to normal bug fixes and performance increases, Cube World is also receiving new content, better compatibility across PCs, and much more down the line.

According to the developers, here are the updates coming soon down the development pipeline for the game:

  • Fixing bugs: We have already gathered a big list of bugs and glitches reported by players.
  • Compatibility: Some players have DirectX initialization problems on their PCs. We will try to find out the reasons and solve these issues.
  • Performance: We will work on performance optimizations, both for client and server.
  • Remappable controls: We will make all controls configurable.
  • Scalable GUI: We will make the GUI scalable, so it works well with lower resolutions, too.
  • Multiplayer server configuration: We will add more server configurations options, such as a configurable port.
  • New content: We already have a few things in the making, such as new creatures.
  • Changes to the website: We’ll restructure the site a little and add a new forum and probably a bugtracking system (if anyone can recommend a good bugtracker, please let me know).

So far, I adore the game – even if it’s hard to get into at first. Aside from the obvious voxel visuals, the game’s early experience is a lot like Minecraft. You don’t know what you’re doing, you die a lot, but there’s an inherent charm about it.

But once you find your way and start carving a path for yourself, the game really opens up – especially when adventuring with friends.

And also, you can train collie dogs with waffles you find in caves. Game of the year.

[Source: Picroma via Destructoid]

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