Xbox One to Release Kinect-Less Bundle in 2014 (Updated)


Updated — Here’s Your Follow Up, Guys

In which we follow up on this story, you guys.

Original Story

An anonymous source familiar with the matter has confirmed to Inside Gaming that the Xbox One will release in a bundle without a Kinect in Summer 2014.

In fact, there will be two such bundles. One “normal” Kinect-less bundle and another “budget” bundle with a smaller hard drive. The budget Xbox One will undercut the PlayStation 4’s price.

With the PlayStation 4 selling for $400, the budget Xbox One model may retail for $350 or $375.

This contradicts Microsoft’s repeated implication that the Xbox One won’t function without a Kinect attached, but it’s sounding more and more like that’s a bit of PR smoke just to get the Kinect in people’s homes. According this post on the Xbox Wire regarding the Kinect’s privacy, the Kinect’s functionality can be completely paused and “when the system is off, it’s only listening for the single voice command — ‘Xbox On,’ and you can even turn that feature off too.”

This approach to selling the Xbox One makes a lot of sense, primarily because early adopters will buy the system no matter what, with little regard for bundles or prices.

That being the case, why wouldn’t Microsoft release a Kinect bundle first? It will only get more Kinects in more homes, giving Microsoft more leverage to ask developers to make Kinect-centric games and features.

Once Microsoft has sold all the $500 bundles they can, they can then release a cheaper bundle. In this way, they sell as many units as possible at a higher price point before giving consumers the option to pay less.

This approach diverges from Microsoft’s strategy with the Xbox 360. That platform launched with “Premium” and “Core” skus at the same time in late 2005, with the first price cut coming in mid 2007.

By releasing additional skus at lower prices in mid 2014, Microsoft would ostensibly be spurring unit sales for a large exclusive title in late 2014. The easy guess there would be the platform’s emblematic series Halo.


  1. The Kinect 2.0 is a mist have for anyone buying an xbox one. Without it you’d be missing out on a lot of the amazing features xbox one has to offer. It just makes everything easier. With how big microsoft is onthe new Kinect sensor I doubt this is true.

  2. Too late Microsoft…Too late.

  3. This is good news for me. Im getting a ps4 straight away & I’ll get an x1 later on. So this will suit me just fine.

  4. Now the waiting game ’till release when someone unplugs the damn thing and see if the console still works, and for this article gets confirmed.

  5. I have my Day 1 pre-order- can’t wait! And yes, I also have the PS4 pre-ordered. Wouldn’t want to start a riot here… Damn internet fools–

  6. I don’t think this is a fact. OXM literally posted this yesterday.

  7. Well some people clearly have too much free money to spend, or too much free time…I think I have become an “old gamer” and nothing reallyyyyy excites me anymore. Destiny and GTAV are the exceptions..but the days of buying every random game I see (PS1/PS2 days) are over? I want my next console to double as media and i am sort of interested in kinect (albeit my current kinect has just not been used..). Yet I ‘hate’ xbox, especially after halo 4 :(

  8. So Microsoft are lying about Kinect being “required for XBone to work”.
    Imagine how many people are going to be p*ssed off at being forced to buy it at the start.
    What a bullsh*t company they are. A corporation of reptilians.


    Microsoft made an official statement. Still worried this may be true. As they talked big about DRM and look what happened.

  10. Anyone who thinks Kinect 2 costs as much as the system to make doesn’t have a clue. The comment is being taken out of context. What the guy meant was that MS spent as much improving and developing Kinect 2 as they did designing the system, which is basically off the shelf parts and evolved software. based on Windows 8.

    Any One mini will come in he for of boxes for cable companies to sell, and will not be fully functional, and probably require a One on the same network. This is consistent with the new IP based cable systems being rolled out in he US

  11. I hope that there is a follow up from IGD about this and if they stick to their source.

  12. “This approach to selling the Xbox One makes a lot of sense, because early adopters will buy the system no matter what, with little regard for bundles or prices.”

    I don’t buy this argument, at all. Sure, early adopters will buy things at high prices… IF that’s the ONLY OPTION AVAILABLE. However, if early adopters see that a competing product (PS4) is available at $100 less, and is a similar (or maybe better) product, then why wouldn’t these people buy a PS4 and pocket the extra savings?

    Not to mention, what about all the lost sales from non-early adopters? Casual gamers, semi-casual gamers, and gamers who are price-conscious, will undoubtedly go en-mass for the PS4 in the months after initial launch. It’s not just launch sales that matter–the sales in the next year also matter.

  13. Microsoft stated today:

    “We have no plans to introduce an Xbox One without Kinect. We believe in Kinect and the value it brings to both games and entertainment, and believe $499 is a great value for what consumers receive with their Xbox One.”

    This article is bunk.

  14. I wouldn’t go as far as kinectless but I do wonder about the SKU’s that were talked about ages ago…
    Maybe a digital only Xbox One or one with a 250 gb hdd

  15. Well looking at all the articles that popped up I guess there will be no reply/counter to the official Microsoft statement. Your fans deserve a follow up and confirmation. Of course I’m not saying you should reveal your “insider” but leaving it like this make this just look like a PR stunt by IGD.

  16. This is a fake , Kinect is essentially part of Xbox One. All Xbox ones will come with Kinect now and in the future.

  17. Guys, good to know you stand by the story. I have enough and more games along they way to keep me busy while waiting for this to go down.

  18. I’m not following what xbox is trying to do here… NO kinect?!

  19. It’s understandable that xbox want tons of cash falling into their lap, but they can make a helluva lot more if they decrease the price a little, and even more than THAT if they get to the same price ,or lower, than PS4, as people will start looking further into both consoles and finding xbox one is literally the most advanced gaming console in historywork will be paying off more than ever!

  20. Whoops! I meant that xbox’s work will be paying off more than ever, plus a full stop after history..

  21. Only reason im not getting a xbox one yet is the kinekt.

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