Saints Row IV Re-Submitting to Australian Approval Next Week

saints row

As we all learned last month, Australia refused to give Saints Row IV a rating because it is full of horrible things like an anal probe gun. That meant that the game couldn’t be sold within the country’s borders, forcing developer Volition to go back and work on a cleaner version that the ratings board could then classify.

According to a post on the Australian Classification Board’s website, the board will meet on July 29 to reconsider the game. Will it pass muster this time around? Did Volition do enough to remove the offending content? And if so, what kind of insane things will there be to replace it?

Case in point: the movie Mallrats is pretty raunchy stuff. But the way it was cleaned up for TV is far more disturbing than the original version. Specifically, there’s a part towards the beginning of the movie where one character says that he once farted in front of his girlfriend while she was kissing his downstairs parts in an adult fashion. The TV version changed that to him throwing up while they were “fooling around,” which, I think, is far more horrifying, when you picture it.

So judge for yourselves, Aussies! I would love to know what parts were changed to warrant this new submission…and whether or not it does the trick. Stay tuned.

[Via Joystiq]

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