Copperhead Confirmed as One an Arkham Origins Assassin

You know what’s kind of boring? Copperhead. Copperhead is a boring villain. Copperhead is, like, a snake guy, but in this new trailer from Batman: Arkham Origins, Copperhead is a lady now.

Now, don’t get me wrong—the trailer looks pretty awesome in just about every way. I’m still in the tank for this game when it comes out on October 25 for all current-gen systems, and I will probably be picking it up without much hesitation.

But Copperhead? Really? Is Copperhead even a Batman villain?

[Checks Wikipedia.]

Okay, yes he is. But he’s always been a pretty minor villain, at best. Personally, I always associated him with being a Justice League villain, but I guess that’s my own damn fault. Whatever.

I still think Copperhead’s a less-than-exciting addition to what’s been shaping up to be a pretty cool looking prequel. I’m hopeful that the next few villains that get revealed are a little more interesting. I know that it’s incumbent on the game’s creators to give us villains we haven’t necessarily seen in the games before…but, seriously, they’re classic Batman villains for a reason.

And one last thing about Copperhead: couldn’t have made her a redhead? Her fucking name is COPPERHEAD. Copper is BROWNISH RED. But you made her…blonde?

Come on.

Nerd rant: end.

  1. I think your title has too many words.

  2. I think its a cool new twist on copperhead. And blond or not I’m just happy not to see that stupid looking snake head hoodie helmet looking thing.

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