Capcom Hints at Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Fifth Mystery Character

ultra sf 4 characters

So, while we wait for Ultra Street Fighter IV to drop in early 2014, we have to sit and wonder who the mysterious fifth additional character is going to be. We already know that Elena, Poison, Hugo, and Rolento will be added to the game’s roster, and all of those are Street Fighter and Final Fight veterans. But given how unexpected some of those characters might be, why would Capcom keep quiet on this last additional combatant?

It seems that this will be a big deal—the character’s first appearance in any fighting game, if Capcom’s to be believed. According to a post on The Jace Hall Show, Capcom’s Matt Dahlgren said, “this character [has] never been featured in a Street Fighter game up until now […This] will be the first time he (or she) makes their fighting game debut.”

Who…who the heck could that be? To my knowledge, Capcom has basically stuck just about every single one of its characters into at least one of its fighting games. I started reaching around in my brain for characters who I might not have seen in a fighter, and I came up pretty short. Maybe Maximo? Uhhh…have they already used Captain Blue from Viewtiful Joe? Has Phoenix Wright shown up in any of these fighting games yet? I have no idea who this could be.

Start guessing in the comments now…

[Jace Hall Show via Joystiq]

  1. Ken Master’s new born child…

  2. Wasn’t Wright DLC or something for the last MvC?

  3. My money is on either Maki or Hagar from Final Fight (High chance IMO) or someone from the Rival Schools series, Probably Batsu or Kyosuke.

  4. Its probably a character from a known franchise. I for one wish it was Jake Muller from RE6.

  5. Maki is in alpha 3 max on psp

  6. Based on the comment thread, I’ve come up with a list.
    Good Ideas For DLC Characters:
    1. Rainbow Mika (cuz she deserves a comeback)
    2. Sean
    3. Hagger
    4. Skullomania
    5. Sodom
    6. Oro (Cuz he’s a beast)
    7. Karin (another GOOD rival for Sakura)
    8. Maki (another rival for Guy)
    9. Violent Ken
    10. Q (possible rival to Seth)
    11. Charlie (cuz we no he ain’t dead.)
    12. Twelve (See what I did there, and Twelve is BADASS.)
    13. Alex (rival to guile)
    14. Necro (ELECTRIC SNAKE!)
    15. Ingrid (possible rival to Rose and Bison and Seth)
    16. Blair
    17. D. Dark (Rivalry with Guile)
    18. Garuda (rivalry with Ryu/Akuma/Evil Ryu/Oni)
    19. Hayate (uses a FUCKING sword)
    20. Hokuto (she was awesome to play with)
    21. Kairi

    Sidebar Note: The 5th Character for USFIV will probably be:
    A. An all-new original character for the game (ex. Juri, Hakan, Crimson Viper, Abel, etc)
    B. A character that is in a capcom game that we have either never seen before or an underrated capcom character who has NEVER been in a capcom fighting game, PERIOD (Vs. Series, Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Rival Schools, etc.).

    So to narrow it down, A list NEEDS to be made, consisting of Capcom’s characters that have NEVER been in ANY capcom fighting game, meaning AT ALL (not even as a hidden boss/character). That is my deduction. Thank you.

  7. It s gouken an akuma teacher from the movie cap com give a million dollars if I’m right goutitsu or something


  8. I think 5 character is is one of these

    0.goutetsu , gou hibiki , violent ken or shadow.

    1.noembelu ( one of the dolls from street fighter alpha she had 2 axes)

    2.decapre (another doll from SFA, shes Russian and a mix between a disfigured cammy
    and wears a mask and claws like vega)

    3.Dean from final Fight 3 (he was a street fighter and the skull cross gang killed his family)

    4.Kyle Travers from final fight streetwise

    5.D.D. from capcom fighting all stars – capcom would reuse Kazyua from SFX T

    6.Rook from capcom fighting all Stars – capcom would reuse elena

    7. master zeku (guy’s teacher)

    8. that kid from Balrog’s story

    9. In Elena’s stage after you fell down the bridge there are sometimes two Muay Thai fighters grabbling in the background

    10.King Cobra aka Rufus’s unused design

    i would have like to have seen some Ring of Destruction or Rival Schools
    characters but ROD aka slam masters was to obscure and the creator of rival schools
    said he did not want Rival schools to be a part of street fighter.

  9. I gonna bet my money it’s gonna be violent ken… I say this because he only appeared in ONE capcom fighting game and was never seen in another. SvC chaos was a great game I loved and I would definitely love to see Violent Ken appear in ultra sf4

  10. Just an fyi, svc chaos was an snk game & to my knowledge violent Ken has never been featured in any capcom game.

  11. final fight character, maki and haggar, alex and remy. and karin.

  12. It’s Zubaz!!!

  13. GUYS….Its not Haggar…he’s in Marvel VS Capcom. Read what the article says, “NEVER IN A FIGHTING GAME BEFORE”
    My guess is its Ada Wong.

  14. The guy with the stuff

    I don’t think it will be the guy I’m hoping for, but the Order of the Stormfeelers can dream. The man. The myth. The legend. ZUBAZ IN FIGHTING GAMES 2013- ETERNITY!

  15. I want it to be Goutetsu!!!

  16. I m guessing it will be someone from the new live action Street Fighter Assassins fist….

  17. There was a character named King Cobra that was oriinally suppose to be In Street Fighter 4. Perhaps It could be him.

  18. I gotta say I’m a little disappointed in the characters they chose to include. I think any newcomers should meld with the existing characters, be it rival or ally based on the canon.

    Since Hugo was included, it goes without saying that Alex should be included as well; how awesome would it be if they kept that ‘face off’ intro they had from 3rd strike? Elena already has Dudley so that’s fine. Poison and Rolento should have been excluded just because they’re in SFxT and that’s enough for my taste.

    I think Oro should make a return, not only is he an incredibly unique fighter, he could continue to monitor and train Ryu, but I suppose that’s what Gouken’s role is for.

    I love the idea of Haggar joining, he’ll mesh well with Cody and Guy and even Hugo (possible rival). I know Poison would fit in with them as well but I just can’t seem to get excited about that idea.

    I guess my long-shot, never-gonna-happen vote would go to Birdie. It would be nice to have another big grappler to go against Zangief and Hugo.

    But it’s all whatever. I’ll get the game and enjoy it no matter who they add.

  19. Trust Me: SFIV takes place before SFIII. Ryu didn’t meet Oro until the ending of SFIII, so he can’t “continue to train” if he doesn’t even know Oro existed.

    Whoever this fifth character is, I sincerely hope it’s a well-thought-out one. I hope it’s not yet another Final Fight character; and definitely hope it’s not a Resident Evil character since it wouldn’t make sense.

    Would a background character qualify someone as having appeared in a fighting game, and therefore not be eligible for inclusion? If not, I do not mind this mystery character to be one of the dolls (who isn’t Juli or Juni).

  20. roy bromwell
    kaede(star gladiator/plasma sword/onimusha)

  21. Goutetsu. also known as dans father. the only sf character that hasnt ever been playable

    • Goutestu is not Dan’s father, he is Akuma and Gouken’s master. Go Hibiki is Dan’s father. There are a ton of people that were never playable… Retsu, Geki, Joe, and Lee (and technically Mike) just from SF1. Then you have Chun-Li’s father and Dan’s father are thought to be dead, but they have not been playable. The 9 Dolls that aren’t Cammy, Juni, or Juli. Guile’s wife and daughter, Ken’s wife and son, Dhalsim’s wife and son, Blanka’s mom, and Cammy’s old squad Delta Red. I could keep going considering that this is only the first 2 SF games… but I’m already bored with this.

      It’s the little girl from Balrog’s ending, and Capcom is going to do a naming contest for fans to name her.

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