Rovio Teases Angry Birds Star Wars Prequel

angry birds star wars

Earlier this week, Rovio posted the above teaser image to their blog, saying that there would be “big news about a brand new game” on Monday, July 15. It’ll have “the biggest character line-up ever, awesome new powers, and maybe even a few surprises.”

Despite whatever surprises Rovio’s teasing, I think it’s pretty clear at this point what that game’s going to be. Say it with me, everyone: Angry Birds Star Wars Prequels.

It’s a clever image, too, showing the Red Bird/Skywalker casting Darth Piggy’s shadow, just like the old Phantom Meance poster, way back before we knew how horrible that movie was going to be.

But enough about nerd-rage for movies that are old news by now. Angry Birds Star Wars was surprisingly fun, and kept me entertained for hours and hours. That there are more levels coming—with new mechanics and birds and whatnot, is only a net positive. And when J.J. Abrams gets his new movies out? Expect more Angry Birds installments to follow. And I’m hopeful that it’ll have lots of lens flares.

If you’re wondering about how we got to a world where news of Angry Birds Star Wars fails to be surprising, check out our interview with Hasbro’s brand manager behind the endeavor from last year.

[Rovio via Polygon]

  1. Actually I prefer the prequels to the original trilogy, and I’m proud to say that. Back on topic however, I hope they include more than one level this time, instead of making you buy the game for £2.99, then having to pay another £2.99 for each other planet

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