Spelunky Whipping its Way to PC on August 8


The Windows PC version of indie darling Spelunky is coming to Steam and GOG.com on August 8, the game’s developer Mossmouth announced yesterday. The port of the XBLA version was officially announced in June, but no specific date was issued.

Spelunky is also coming to PS3 and Vita, and is being handled by port studio Blit Game Studios. The PC version, however, was handled in-house by the game’s original XBLA development studio, Mossmouth Games.

The PS3, PC, and Vita versions will be content-complete versions of the profound XBLA version from 2012.

No news yet on whether or not the game will include more or less dying. We’re learning toward the former. This is a roguelike, after all, you guys. Let’s not be silly.

[Source: Spelunky World Tumblr via Polygon]

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