Lost Planet 3 Trailer Shows Signs of Life

Filled with snow, loneliness and more monologueing than you can shake a stick at, this latest trailer for Lost Planet 3 is all about survival….and how, apparently, it’s just not enough. Because if plants can do it, you clearly need to step up your game.

Lost Planet 3 is focused around Jim Peyton, a soldier trapped on a harsh, frozen planet where everything is out to get you – especially snow monsters. The trailer above touches on all of that, and actually ends up garnering personal interest from me – which is hard to do with the third game in a series I haven’t expressed interest in since the first one.

But as Capcom pitches it via press release:

“When Jim Peyton took the job with NEVEC, he knew life on E.D.N. III wasn’t going to be easy. But was he prepared for a daily battle against sub-zero temperatures, ice storms and an unforgiving terrain, as well as an indigenous species that is pretty damn upset mankind is trying to colonize its home?”

The game is in development by Spark Unlimited and published by Capcom, and is slated for release on August 27, 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. It’ll have the usual suspects – a single player campaign and a blizzard-covered multiplayer suite. And when we get our hands on it again, we’ll show you more.

But for now, you can check out our preview here and in video version below.

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