First Ever GTA V Gameplay Trailer Shows Jets, Robberies and Feet Flushing

After months of waiting, Grand Theft Auto V has received its first-ever full gameplay trailer from its creator, Rockstar Games. Sure, we’ve seen numerous trailers that provide hints of potential gameplay, but nothing as straight-cut as the footage showcased above.

The trailer highlights gameplay from an overhead perspective , showing you how to switch between the three lead characters, how their bank robbery missions will be intertwined, how you can spend your collected dough, and how to flush human feet down a toilet (or try to, at least).

There’s even a small slice of footage from the game’s multiplayer, which Rockstar is simply calling ‘Grand Theft Auto Online,’ and shows cars, helicopters and jets zooming by a player atop a skyscraper suite – and all of them have gamertags over top. Glorious.

Rockstar says that will learn more about the mode soon. But for now, this trailer is worth watching a few times over. So do it, yo.

  1. Could IGD do a video on why GTA 5 should come to PC/Next-gen to push Rockstar to do it?

    • i bet gtav isn’t coming out on pc for these reasons:
      .most pc players pirate games
      .pc gaming is dying
      .cost for a port

      • Your bet is awful and you should feel bad.

        Geez people, jumping on bandwagons much? Since GTA3. PC never had it’s version with the console release, it always takes 5 to 9 months before the PC version appears, stop with the assumptions that Rockstar isn’t going to make a version.

        They never confirm if there will be a pc version or not, and there is always one.

      • Well, technically, Red Dead is not a GTA game lol.

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