Wonderful 101 Director Confirms Lack of DLC

wonderful 101

As I’ve said time and time again, Wii U owners are clamoring for some decent third party titles—and Platinum Games’ weird-looking Wonderful 101 may very well be the game we’re looking for. But fans hoping for as much game as they can handle will have to settle for what shows up on the shelf when it comes out in August: the game’s director, Hideki Kamiya, said on Twitter yesterday that there’s no DLC planned:

That’s confidence! I like it. But, also: I like it when game makers create more content for those who want it. What I like most are options. And not creating DLC is a bit of a bummer, but not terribly surprising given how little emphasis Nintendo has given to that particular category of video games. Extra downloadable content is impossible to avoid on other platforms, but on Nintendo’s systems the titles that take advantage of DLC options are few and far between. That Platinum wouldn’t bother with it for the Wonderful 101 isn’t surprising.

It’s also a bit telling: why work on DLC for a title that may not really sell? The game will have a limited install base right off the bat, if for no other reason than the comparatively low number of people who bothered to buy a Wii U. After devoting time and money to making the game the best that it could be, it’s probably not a bad idea to just release it out into the wild and hope it sells well. There is an off chance that the Wonderful 101 will be so incredible that it’ll actually spur Wii U sales—at which point, Platinum can get started on making a sequel. But to make DLC for a game that likely won’t sell too amazingly just as a matter of course? Yeah—doesn’t make much financial sense.

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