Summer of Arcade Titles Dated and Priced

This August, Xbox 360’s latest Summer of Arcade lineup begins, and there are actually all really solid games in here. And despite the above trailer, none of them have anything to do with XTREME sports like skateboarding, BMXing, or volleyball.

The lineup kicks off with the new game from Syndicate developer Starbreeze: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, which you can get for 1200 Microsoft points—or $15. It looks really cool, and you can check out our preview from April right here. A week later, you can grab Charlie Murder for 800 MS points ($10), which—to me—looks like a doubly violent take on the Castle Crashers style of game.

Then on August 21, you can pay another 800 points for the Flashback remake we heard about in April—again, this one looks really solid. And finally, on August 28 we’ll get Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows for 1200 points, the four-player beat-em-up from Activision. This is another one I’ve been really looking forward to, because who doesn’t like beating up bad guys with gigantic ninja-fighting turtles? The answer is exactly NO ONE.

Usually, Microsoft offers up a decent bonus if you buy all the Summer of Arcade games—but this time around, despite having four great looking titles, the bonus is pretty lame looking.  You get a “Souls Pack” for Ascend: Hand of Kul, a title that was announced last year at E3, and still has no release date. Unless I missed a memo about how Ascend will be free-to-play, getting a bonus for a game that no one has played and will still have to buy doesn’t feel like much of a prize.

Oh well—I remain unbowed. The Summer of Arcade looks like a winner this year.

[Via Major Nelson]

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