Halo 4 Champions Bundle Screens

Why, yes, 343 Industries and Microsoft did announce Halo 4: Champions Bundle on Friday. And, yes, we did neglect to post about it then. But we’re doing it now! And we’ve got a whole bunch of screenshots that were released today to go along with it! Really, I think you’re winning on the deal, here.

The Champions Bundle is a collection of three DLC packs that sport armor, skins, and maps for the multiplayer mode in Halo 4, set to be released on August 20 for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). The three DLC offerings are the Bullseye Pack, the Infinity Armor Pack, and the Steel Skin Pack. The three packs will have content that’s available exclusively to those who buy the bundle.

Bullseye will have two new multiplayer maps, “sports-themed Spartan armor,” and a new gravball game type. Infinity will offer up new armors, while the Steel Skin pack will make everything seem steampunky—and therefore, just a little bit lame.

The press release says that players can buy each pack separately (Bullseye for 480 points, and the other two for 240 apiece), but the exclusive content won’t come with them. Buy the bundle, you know? And make sure you scope out the screens above.

Think you’ll be grabbing this? Still loving Halo 4? Let us know in the comments, why don’t you?

  1. Do season pass holders get this? I hope so since after the last 3 DLC I still think I wasted money buying the season pass

  2. Season Pass owners do not get this. I will be picking this up- looks fantastic!

  3. This looks…….. terrible.

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