Team Meat Bringing Playable Version of Mew-Genics to PAX Prime


Team Meat, the Super Meat Boy development duo comprised of one half Edmund McMillen and one half Tommy Refenes, has announced that its in-development title Mew-Genics will be brought to PAX Prime for its first playable debut. The show will take place August 30 through September 2, 2013.

Fans, press, and homeless people mistakenly allowed into the event will get to see and play the game before its eventual (unannounced) release on Steam, iOS, Android and (potentially) many more.

The team will also be giving out 28-page Mew-Genics comic books that are “black an white and packed to the brim with funformation!”

Inside Gaming will be there as always bringing you the latest that video games have to offer, and that includes playing and giving you our impressions of Mew-Genics. And don’t fret — we’ll certainly push costumed toddlers out of the line to ensure it happens. We promise.

[Source: Team Meat]

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