Steam Workshop Now Allowing Creators to Compensate Project Helpers


Steam announced today that community item creators who submit items for Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 are now able to “allocate a percentage of revenues” made from in-game item sales to other contributors on the project.

What this means, is that creators can now award payment to third parties who assisted in the creation of an item sold on the Steam Workshop – toolmakers, community groups, and mentors included. And since folks are now making a freaking living creating popular items bought in TF2 and Dota 2 (over $10 million in paid royalties generated since Workshop’s launch in 2011), it’s nice that Valve is giving them the tools to share the profits officially.


And what’s better – the split comes out of Valve’s revenue of the items, not the creator’s. This means that a portion of Valve’s cut of the revenue will now go to pre-approved third parties that helped in a project’s creation, and the big-name creator doesn’t lose any of his/her dough in the process.

Good on you, Valve. Good on you as always. For more on this endeavor, check out the Steam Workshop.

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