Sony Opens Indie Game Section of PS Vita Store

Little by little, the PlayStation Vita is starting to become a more relevant piece of gaming hardware. Yesterday, the PlayStation Blog announced that the online store for the handheld console would feature an indie game section, featuring the likes of critical darlings Hotline Miami and Thomas Was Alone. Awesome.

Last month, it seems, Sony launched a similar section for its PS3 games, and both the aforementioned titles have the cross-buy feature, meaning that you’ll get copies on both the PS3 and the Vita. The post also mentions that at the category’s launch, there will be 53 games already there. I’m sure there’s more than a little shovelware lining the virtual aisles, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other gems—and that there won’t be more soon.

It’s cool that Sony’s making such a public showing of embracing indie gaming, especially considering how hard Microsoft is turfing out in the same realm. We’ve got Phil Fish and Lorne Lanning talking about why they’re skipping out on the Xbox One because of their more rigid views toward indie game developers needing a publisher. Every brilliant game developer that skips right past Microsoft and heads for Sony is another win for the PlayStation brand–and gamers who value some less traditional gaming experiences.

And now that we know that nearly every PS4 game will be required to have remote-play functionality on the Vita, the device is actually starting to look like a valuable accessory, if not a must-have console in its own right. I’m telling you, if Sony can just drop that stupid thing’s price by like fifty bucks, they’ll sell like hotcakes. DUAL-ANALOG-STICK’D HOTCAKES, I TELL YOU.

[Via PlayStation Blog]

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