Conan O’Brien Tours E3, Talks to Miyamoto about Mustaches

We here at Inside Gaming like to think that we provide the best gaming news coverage of the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) each and every year, but we know that’s simply not the case. Conan O’Brien, orange-haired host of ‘Conan’ on TBS, is actually responsible for the best coverage of E3.

Especially this year, since he spent time talking to Bayonetta cosplayers, Larry Herb (Xbox Live’s Major Nelson), and freaking Shigeru Miyamoto. They even talked about mustaches together! Mario’s mustache!

So, without further ado, kick your legs up on the desk, table, family dog, or younger sibling in front of you, and bask in the whimsical make-fun-of-nerds humor of a script-less Conan O’Brien. It’s the only way that he is whimsically humorous anyway, so enjoy it before his show comes back on.

Just don’t tell our own Brian “Conan-Lover” Rubin I said that. He’ll die of sadness and middle-aged angst.

[Source: Team Coco via Polygon]

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