‘Routine’ is One Scary Little Indie Game

Part of what we do here at Inside Gaming is not only spend hours of our working week playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf and making gameplay videos about dicks, but we also search for interesting and unique indie games that tickle our fancy.

And that’s what Routine, a first-person survival horror title from Lunar Software, has done. It has tickled each and every one of our individual fancies. Or at least mine.

Though we saw it first teased at last year’s Gamescom, this new gameplay demo takes place on an “abandoned moon base”, the Lunar Research Station in fact, and you play as a man whose job is to find enough data on it to “uncover the truth behind the strange disappearance” of everyone on board.

All footage shown is from an alpha build of the game, and it’s pretty darn impressive – especially from an indie dev of four members. It has vibes of Dead Space and Amnesia: Dark Descent to me, but what do you think?

  1. First time I’ve ever yelled at a game and I wasn’t even playing that. Looks fucking awesome

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