Nintendo Direct Tomorrow to Focus on Pikmin 3

pikmin direct

Dust off your gardening tools. Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 26, Nintendo will be broadcasting a new installment of Nintendo Direct, which will apparently be entirely focused on the forthcoming Wii U title, Pikmin 3.

But, we should mention, the broadcast will be for Japanese audiences, and as such, will probably make it kind of difficult for us non-Japanese-speaking Nintendo enthusiasts to follow along. And also, the broadcast will start at 8 p.m., Tokyo time—so that means 7 a.m. Eastern, 4 a.m. Pacific. Chances are good that we’ll all learn more about whatever it is that they say after the broadcast has finished.

Even still, it’s interesting that Nintendo’s going ahead with another broadcast so soon after E3 wrapped up. But since Pikmin 3 is set to come out on August 4 in the United States (and possibly sooner in Japan), it wouldn’t surprise me that the company’s looking to get buzz going and hopefully generate some big sales. Since the launch of the Wii U late last year, this is going to be basically the first big Wii U game to come from Nintendo itself. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pikmin 3 managed to move lots of units in Japan. As to the game’s success elsewhere, I have no idea. But maybe? Hopefully?

[Via CVG]

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