FYI: Ouya Launches in US Today

ouya delays

Today’s the day that you can go out to a store and buy the Ouya, an Android-powered game console that fits in the palm of your hand, and is super good for playing cell phone games on your TV.

I’m being glib, though. I had the chance to try it out for a few minutes at my brother’s house a few weeks ago (since he backed the Ouya’s Kickstarter campaign and he had a pre-release version of the console), and it seems like it has plenty of potential for cool gaming experiences. Not to mention emulators. So many emulators.

But all is not well in the land of Ouya. According to a post on Polygon today, some folks who backed the console have reported not even getting the thing yet—pretty bad considering that, as I mentioned above, you could go out to a store and buy one off the shelves. Ouya’s CEO Julie Uhrman wrote a backer update on Kickstarter apologizing for the problems, and vowing to fix them:

“I am pissed Some of you have not yet received your Ouya — and, to you, I apologize. I did not promise to ship to *most* of you before we hit store shelves. I promised to ship to *all* of you. I’ve been reading your comments, and we are working to solve this.”

That would be good, yes. In the meantime, I’m kind of sort of thinking about getting an Ouya…but I’m still a bit hesitant to pull the trigger. Sure, a hundred bucks for a TV game console could be a pretty decent get, but then, I just pre-ordered a PS4, and my girlfriend’s already pissed off enough with how many things I have hooked up in the living room. I got lots of bills to pay, too, so, you know, more video games may not necessarily be the best use of my time.

So let me open it up to you, dear readers. First, anyone out there waiting on an Ouya and have yet to receive it? And if you’ve got one, are you happy with it? Should I get one? And why?

[Via Polygon]

  1. Didn’t backed it, nor plan on getting one so soon simply because it does’t seem like it will go nowhere, I hope I’m wrong and it becomes the first out of the norm console to break the paradigm, but history says otherwise, so might as well wait a year or so to see how it fares, since I could always buy one later on at ebay for half off anyways.

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