Nvidia Reveals Shield Launch Date


Nvidia’s handheld Android gaming device, the Shield, will be launching onto shelves next week, on June 27. And instead of costing the previously announced price of $349, the company slashed its price down to $299. A price cut before it even hits the stores! That’s gotta be a record.

The reason for the price drop, it seems, is similar to the reasons behind Microsoft’s Xbox One reversal: the fans. Here’s the scoop directly from Nvidia’s blog:

“We’ve heard from thousands of gamers that if the price was $299, we’d have a home run.

So we’re changing the price of SHIELD to $299.

If you’ve already pre-ordered SHIELD, you’ll be charged the new, lower price. You will only be charged $299 when the product ships.”

So with a lower price, Android-gaming, and PC-streaming capabilities, the Shield seems like it could be pretty cool. At the same time, even at the “cheaper” price of $300, it’s still quite a costly little device that seems to do a lot of the same stuff other devices already do—except for the PC game streaming, that is. That said, I tried out my brother’s Ouya console the other day, and I was surprised at how cool it seemed. It didn’t blow my mind, but I saw a lot of potential there.

In short, Android-powered gaming consoles might, in fact, wind up being a lot more successful than we can predict. I believe that the Shield could manage to find an audience of happy gamers. Personally, though, if I’m gonna drop three-hundo on a video game system, I may as well put that money toward pre-ordering a PS4. Or buying an Ouya, and a GameStick, and then taking myself out to a fancy dinner.

That’s my thought: what about yours?

[Via Nvidia Blog]

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