Xbox One No Longer Requires Online Checks, Allows Used Games (Updated)

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Reports on Giant Bomb minutes ago indicated that Microsoft was preparing to do a complete “Xbox 180” reversal on their Xbox One used game and internet requirement policies so ludicrously boasted about over the past several weeks.

As of mere seconds ago, it was confirmed by Microsoft that they are indeed changing these policies for their new system, and they’re changing them drastically. And it’s all thanks to viewers like you, who loudly proclaimed your disinterest in such dumb, aggressively anti-consumer policies.

So, what has changed? Let’s break it down.

Internet Connection Requirement Policies

  • Xbox One owners will not have to check in online every 24 hours to use their console, their games, or their associated features. It’ll be just like the Xbox 360.
  • A one-time system setup of the console will require an internet connection, but after that, it’s all up to you how often you connect, if at all.

Used Game Policies

  • You can “trade-in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc based games like you do today” on Xbox One.
  • Digital titles cannot be shared or resold — the only sharing allowed will be via discs.

Additional Changes

  • Xbox Live will have day one downloads for retail games, and you will be able to play them offline.
  • There are no regional restrictions on games – Xbox One games are playable on any Xbox One console.

What Do We Win?

  • All of the features of the Xbox 360 you already own, as detailed above.

What Do We Lose?

  • Your physical games don’t come with you digitally. You’ll always need that disc to play. Digital games, however, will still follow you across your account.
  • No more family game sharing. Formerly, up to 9 people could play a copy of a physical game installed to a hard drive — that is no longer a feature, at least not “at launch”, according to an interview with Marc Whitten, v.p. of Xbox Live via Kotaku.

And here’s a final, official, passion-filled statement from the Xbox team at Microsoft:

“We appreciate your passion, support and willingness to challenge the assumptions of digital licensing and connectivity. While we believe that the majority of people will play games online and access the cloud for both games and entertainment, we will give consumers the choice of both physical and digital content. We have listened and we have heard loud and clear from your feedback that you want the best of both worlds.

Thank you again for your candid feedback. Our team remains committed to listening, taking feedback and delivering a great product for you later this year.”

So there you have it, folks. The Xbox One no longer has 24-hour online checks, a funky used game system, or a contract with the devil. They tore that up, threw it in a fountain and are now dancing on the grave that Sony dug for them at E3.

Quick, someone supply me with a gif of Don Mattrick doing riverdance on a grave!

What will happen next? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Well, 846 on average. But as for what’s next for the Xbox One, we’ll just have to wait and see!


[Source(s): Giant Bomb, Microsoft, Kotaku]

  1. Can we say “Order is now restored.”?

  2. Well, kudos for then, IMO taking this step back really made them humble towards the end user’s wishes, I’ll still buy the PS4 first, but most of my insecurities towards the Bone have been lifted.

  3. Now all we need is for them to announce that you can get the xbox one without the kinect.

  4. Is that, what you can call Dramatic Marketing Success ?

  5. Unfortunately the fact that they were prepared to go down the path of their original plan in the first place was enough to burn my trust bridges with Microsoft and I’ll be thinking long and hard before I decide to put down any money on their new console.

  6. I now get to say I told you so to literally every Sony fanboy now. Thanks Microsoft!

    • Thanks for what? Proving that they’re money grubbing leeches? Newsflash, had they not caught the business end of a PS4 bitch slap, and the backlash of pretty much their entire user base, Microsoft would’ve continued on with the DRM as planned. The fact of the matter is that not only did they lose face, but also burned bridges with XBox users who have enough intellect (of which you’re obviously not one of) to realize Microsoft is looking out for the interest of their bottom line, NOT the interests of gamers. PS4 is kicking the XBone’s ass in pre-orders, that trend isn’t changing. This news sells them an extra couple hundred thousand units at best. The war is already lost. You don’t a chance at do-overs when people’s hard earned money is at stake. Unless of course you’re a naive, bleeding heart fanboy like yourself.

  7. Still don’t care about the XB1

    • LMAO. I really wouldn’t recommend that. Don’t forget if most consumers hadn’t vocalized the fact that M$ would lose millions of customers, and so millions more in revenue, M$ would have continued doing what they were doing. Don’t think for one second that they did this for the gaming community, they stuck to their bs even through E3.

      They were running with it.

      This big turn around is simply because they finally gave up and accepted that they couldn’t just force their original plans through and enjoy decent revenue. Sony didn’t attempt anything like that, in fact all the only lamentable things they’ve done are to not support backwards compatibility (as with PS3 and as M$ is doing) and that they are now implementing a service charge (as M$ has been doing with Xbox live for years). Things the gaming community expected.

      I’m a PC gamer, and seriously forget fanboys. If you tell this to a normal Sony gamer (and a majority of Xbox360 gamers, now) they won’t hesitate to remind you of the facts above. You’d just be inciting a losing argument.

  8. So can you put the Kinect in a closet and forget about it, or does it have to be with the console at all times?

  9. Victory is ours! Still buying the PS4 first.

  10. I’m glad I can play my 360 games on the Xbox one. I’ve already placed my pre-order.

  11. YES! YES!

  12. “You can “trade-in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc based games like you do today””
    Keep in mind they never said how…

    • you really have no common sense, it said it right there, you be able to how you do on the 360 now. And how do you sell or trade your games on the 360?!? Dumba$$

  13. I love it how the response seems so snide, we finally understand now that you people are whiny and entitled and for some reason when you buy our cake you actually feel you deserve to eat it too. its not that we want the best of both worlds we just want you to give us a fork and plate to eat the ad-riddled expensive cake your selling

  14. I’m just going to point out the lovely cascade of colorful Xbox 720 thumbnails just below the ‘Read Something Else Why Don’t You’ section.

  15. >mfw people actually think Sony did stuff “for the gamers”

    Both Microsoft and Sony are companies. They want cash. There is no good or bad between the 2. Sony has better actors, that’s all.

    As a sidenote, I’m glad Microsoft got rid of their retarded policies. I’m buying an Xbox One now. It’ll be a nice companion for my Wii U.

  16. Since Most game are going to be using the cloud. Does this mean that a lot of next gen game will be online only? If they are then i want to say F!@#$ YOU to all the ppl that hate the 24 hour thing. Not we missed out on some good Feature. Not need the disk to play your games. The Xbox Family sharing with up to 10 ppl. would have save us a lot of MONEY. Having all of your game digitally was a plus. Now all that is gone and you cant play a lot of the next gen game offline so WTF did you win. NOTHING!!! but you lost A LOT. If not then ok maybe next next gen

  17. I just want to remind everyone that in the not too distant past Steam came to market with very similar policies to that which Microsoft proposed for the Xbox One. Everyone thought they were crazy and that Steam would never take off but look at them now, Valve have pretty much single handedly revived PC gaming and has done so by ensuring 1st hand parties like the developers and publishers make more money from their games rather than stores like gamestop and BestBuy (2nd hand parties). It is the fact that these 1st hand parties can make more money that allows PC games to be considerably cheaper than console games, not to mention the regular sales/deals available to steam users. It is my belief that Microsoft intended to follow in the footsteps of Valve which couldhave revolutionised console gaming, making it much more affordable for the consumer and financially attractive for developers (meaning more/better games) resulting in an overall win win situation. Unfortunately poor marketing on Microsoft’s part and typical short sighted internet whining has forced Microsoft’s hand and resulted in the loss of something that could have benefited us all.

    • Your post is ignorant of the facts that PC gaming did not die for it to NEED revived; Steam was the only cloud-based platform at the time and that M$ was not making these changes to allow for better games. Every interview that has questioned their original DRM plans was met with SPIN, not answers, and usually with unquantifiable information – such as the many different suggestions of just how many Xbox Ones-worth of power the Cloud might add to the console.

      Steam was alone at the time of its creation, that was why people doubted them. Xbox exists in market conflict with other products that it competes with for peoples money and people have been very vocal about their move to Xbox’s competitors. Comparing them wholesale to Steam is inaccurate.

      Plus, I am a lifetime PC gamer. I do dabble with the consoles from time to time for things like Dragon’s Dogma, but there has never been a time when I was unable to buy new games for the platform or when developers & publishers were simply not producing games for the PC.

      And finally, I find it incredible that you have actually tried to suggest that “internet whining” is the cause for change here. This was, in fact, the outcry of gamers across all platforms at the ridiculousness of Microsoft’s plans. Plans that would have eventually affected gaming across the board. This was anything but “short sighted”, this was gamers– and most especially, XBOX GAMERS –telling M$ that this is not the path they wanted gaming to take and that they would not spend their money on the industry changes that M$ were suggesting.

      In fact, the minority was in those that said they would still buy an Xbox One regardless, as evidenced by the many polls taken, especially the Amazon one that had to be taken down because of how seriously it showed M$’s screw up. What has happened now is the foundation of any market, the seller created something and the buyers have shown them that it is not something they are interested in. And now the seller must meet market demand. This is how the market, ANY market, works and has always worked.

      • You don’t that when Steam first come out everything that ppl say about MS drm is the exactly the same thing they say about Steam, but since Steam didn’t have anyone to compete with. they didn’t have to change it. Also No one believe that Steam want to make games cheaper too. At first games were the same price as before, but then little by little we start to see sales getting better and better. And that would have sale us a lot of money, but now we will never know (until Sony and MS both do it). I was going to buy one before the change to drm. Because i want my games to be digital, but buying all my games digital is crazy because how big of a file they can be and how long it would take to do so. Being able to go to a store and pick up a disk that gave me a digital copy was a plus for me. They cant do that and still a the same time just let you sale you disk anytime and wherever you want.

      • There is a fundamental flaw in comparing xbone and steam, PC gaming still had retail that, back then was DRM free, so if you didn’t like steam you could always resort to retail, steam was just the only digital distro service.

        Hell there are pc gamers that to this day haven’t used steam.

  18. I’ve had a feeling that Microsoft was going to do a rollback and I was wondering how are they going to handle all the shame they created. I’ll stick to PC gaming and probably get PS4 later when it is cheaper just to play FF and KH. Otherwise PC has all the games I need.

  19. Like online games where you can chat, survive high school, and make your own person.

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