Loot Drops in Destiny Will Be Private For Each Player

Similar to other games in its class, Destiny features a private loot system when rewarding players for in-game actions and accomplishments. This means that when loot is awarded the player (and/or his squad), each player gets his or her own loot that’s designed for them… and more importantly, can’t be scooped up by hoarding team members.

“So it’s really important to us that you have an experience that’s all your own, that’s about building your legend, and that you’re only having this sort of competitive play when you want to go.” Bungie COO Pete Parsons mentioned to Inside Gaming in an interview at E3.

“What we don’t want you doing [is fighting over loot], because it’s anti-social. We want to bring people together.

So because of that we have private loot drops. So what’s dropping is meant for you, which is exciting. What that means is that you and I can go off on an adventure, and you’re getting something that you like, I’m getting something that I like, and we’re having fun doing it together.”

Parsons mentioned to Polygon that dropped loot follows a ranking system, so players will be able to build and choose between weapons and armor over time. This could also mean that less useless crap is awarded that you have to sell for a pittance or pile up in a hub area for noobs to scrounge at.

“You’re still going to have to make active choices about how many weapons you can carry, and what is my character class, what are the weapons I’m going to use,” Parsons explained.

“So far it’s been working really well. We’re still a long ways out, but we’re playing it every day.”

Be sure to check out our video preview & impressions of Destiny from E3 last week. It was nominated for our Game of Show E3 award, as well.

[Source(s): Us, Polygon]

  1. Individual looting is the best route any MMO can take, it prevents the massive headache of either being Ninja’d or having to account 24 other people luck, or worse, loosing the roll to someone that has no need for that particular item in the first place.

    Plus Individual looting makes people less greedy, (most of the times anyway) it’s not difficult on games like Torchlight 2 or Phantasy Star Online 2 to see players dropping rare items that serve no purpose to them but can serve to someone else in the party.

    • Absolutely. Having that in Torchlight 2 enhanced my experience in spades. It was always a really cool “oh man, what did you get?” conversation after each tiring boss or dungeon.

      I hope Destiny does it just as well.

  2. Oh thank god. I always hated playing with my friends on borderlands 2 and they’d always pick up loot before anyone else even got a chance to look at it.

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