This is what 108 Super Smash Bros Screens Looks Like

So my colleagues and I have been discussing some of the good stuff and not as good stuff from E3 last week, and one of the games I’m most excited about is Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. Now, don’t get me wrong—this isn’t because Smash Bros. is set to be some revolutionary new take on what is, by now, one of the oldest franchises around.

What I’m excited about is that it looks really, really fun, plain and simple. Moreover, the fact that the Wii U is a hell of a lot easier to do online play with is a great benefit over the previous version of Smash Bros, Brawl, which came out for the Wii. I played one match of that game online, since only one of the people who’d I exchanged friend codes with had a copy. This time around, I’m happy to report, I have more pals with a Wii U, and I suspect that the online play will go a lot more smoothly. That, and my girlfriend said she likes Smash Bros., so maybe I’ll get her to play a few rounds before she throws her controller on the floor in disgust.

Anyway, here, now, are over a hundred screens from the upcoming Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. I think this game looks like a ton of fun, even though it definitely looks like, well, every other game in the franchise. My one real wish? That Nintendo would start making some new IPs already. It’s great seeing characters from Animal Crossing and even Wii Fit get included, but Nintendo needs to start flexing its game making muscles to bring us something fresh and new.

Your thoughts?

  1. I liked Brawl a lot, none of my friends who were hardcore fans of Melee liked tho.

    • I think Melee was the one I played the most, though that was just with one buddy of mine. I’m feeling like the Wii U version is going to be the one that gets me back into it.

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