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The other day’s reveal that Killer Instinct, a high definition remake of the Nintendo-published original, would follow a free-to-play model when it launches on the Xbox One this November, wasn’t too well-received by fans. The idea that downloading the game only brings one playable character, with the rest being doled out piecemeal over the course of a few weeks, with each one costing another fee…well, it didn’t sound too super good.

A post on Polygon fleshes the purchase options out a bit, revealing that gamers will have the chance to pick up a season pass—just like any other game that offers DLC—or can buy a special edition season pass that includes bonus content. While the end result is still the same—a wait on new characters being released, and the inability to have it all right away—it offers a slightly more familiar payment scheme.

Developer Double Helix’s design director David Verfaillie said this about what the bonus content might be, hinting that it might, in fact, be a port of the original Killer Instinct game:

“We haven’t announced [that] yet, but I think hopefully most people can put two and two together.”

Not bad…not too bad at all. Even still, I’d wager that most people would rather dispense with the pay-per-character stuff and just buy the full game. Of course, on the other hand, that also raises questions as to how much this remake is going to cost. Clearly it’s a digital-only title, and that brings certain expectations that it’ll be at least a few bucks cheaper than most full console releases. Hopefully no more than twenty bucks? Thirty? After all the DLC is sold, I mean.

How much are you willing to pay for a Killer Instinct remake?

[Via Polygon]


    If you can pay £35 – £40 whatever and get the full game excellent.

    I hate these free to play models where you could spend £100+ and depending on how you spend your resources you could still not have 100% access to the game

    Say the game cost £40 and every character cost £2-3 it’s be awesome if all your purchases tallied up, so say if every month you spend £10 after 4 months you’ve hit the £40 mark and therefore have 100% access. Would they do something fair and responsible – NO!!!

  2. What are you 12, Vi James? *face palm*

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