General Zod is the Next Injustice DLC Character

On the latest installment of Conan O’Brien’s “Clueless Gamer” segment, the talk show host played a few rounds of the DC Comics fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us, during which he revealed the forthcoming General Zod DLC character. That’s pretty cool…

It’s not too surprising that Zod would make his way to the game, especially considering this weekend’s release of Man of Steel, which brings the Kryptonian bad guy to the big screen. That’s called synergy, baby. Though, it should be noted, Zod won’t be flying through the moon and onto your Xbox until sometime in July. So, you know, almost synergy. Baby.

One of the things I really dug about watching Zod fight in the video clip above was how his arms were crossed behind him most of the time—that pretty much illustrates his contempt for his opponents, doesn’t it? It’s perfect.

Also of note: in the video, we get to watch a reskinned version of Superman made to resemble the Flaming C, the comic character created by Conan and DC animation head honcho, Bruce Timm. And even better, the Flaming C loses to Aquaman, who’s controlled by a blindfolded player. How’s that for embarrassing?

You folks out there enjoying Injustice? I played it a few times at a buddy’s house, and it was fun enough. I may grab it when I see it’s on sale again in the near future. That’s just how I roll.

[Via Conan]

  1. mildly entertaining Conan.

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