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While many of the details regarding Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One, have left a lot of gamers kind of cold, there’s one thing that most folks will perk up at hearing about: achievements. I’m not sure why anyone really cares about cheevos and Gamerscore, but there it is: they do. Here, then, is some information about the way achievements are going to be different this time around.

First and foremost, you’ll be able to get Achievements from more than just playing games. According to a post on Major Nelson’s blog from yesterday, you can earn achievements by using video and music apps, which could reward you with “awesome sneak peek content, early access, or subscription extensions.” An important point in that regard though: you’ll only earn points in your Gamerscore from games—those other achievements won’t do squat.

However, this time around, it seems like earning achievements may actually have a tangible benefit in the games you’re playing. The post says that earning in-game achievements “can now unlock digital artwork, new maps, unlockable characters, and temporary stat boosts.” Now we’re talking. Finally: a reason to go for achievements.

The post also adds that there’s a new type of achievement coming to the Xbox One called “challenges,” which are kind of limited-time achievements. Apparently “challenges are time-bound […] that means you can only unlock during its eligible time window.” These, too, however, won’t add to your Gamerscore.

Interesting developments, no? People sure do love the cheevos…

[Via Major Nelson]

  1. Some games already did this, like the first Mass Effect, which gave you bonuses for replays for the different achievements that you unlocked.

  2. In Halo you unlocked armor for achievements

  3. Or… you could have something like… every 10k you earn, you will be rewarded with money to spend in the marketplace, even if that amount is only 5-10 U.S. dollars.

    • This is Microsoft we’re talking about right? the same one that gives you a WHOPPING 2% discount in games if you have over 25 THOUSAND achievement points right?

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