E3 2013: Check out Thirty Minutes of Arkham Origins Gameplay

One of the biggest concerns fans had when Warner Bros. Interactive announced Batman: Arkham Origins, was whether or not the game would maintain the series’ excellence. It’s got two strikes against it from the outset: it’s a prequel (BLEH), and it’s being developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, a different studio than the one responsible for the first two games in the series, Rocksteady.

Fortunately, Sony decided to show (and subsequently post online) nearly 30 minutes of gameplay footage from the new game at E3. While it’s too soon to say for sure that it’s a worthy successor to Arkham City, the footage certainly looks great. Overall, the game looks, well, just like the last two games, but with a bigger city to explore, more objectives, taller buildings, and new enemies. It’s what any good sequel ought to be: the same, but better.

Arkham Origins—or, at the very least, the demo shown off in the above video—takes place in the South Island area of Gotham, so it’s an all-new environment to explore this time around. From what I could tell, combat looked extremely similar to what’s gone before, which is awesome considering that the Arkham series’ combat system always felt exciting and made gamers feel powerful. One interesting addition that I saw was that of the “martial artist,” a new enemy type that can counter Batman. These guys will force Batman to up his game, necessitating players to counter the martial artists’ counters…overall, they should provide an interesting twist on the by-now familiar combat encounters without changing things too much.

That said, I haven’t played this game yet, though I’m dying to. At the end of the day, it raises the question: what do you want out of a sequel? If it’s “the same, but more,” then it looks like you’re in luck. Some folks, though, get tired when games start to regurgitate the past a bit too much, and that’s a valid complaint. On the other hand, Arkham City only had one story-based DLC offered, so if nothing else, we should still be pretty hungry for these Bat-themed game stylings.

For now, my fears are assuaged, and I will probably preorder this game. How do you feel about it?

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