E3 Organizer Reportedly Calls Cops on Ouya Display across the Street

ouya lapd

So, apparently the folks making Ouya—the crowd-funded, Android-powered, hundred-dollar game console—wanted to have a presence at this year’s E3, but they didn’t quite make it into the convention hall (whether this was on purpose or borne out of circumstance, I couldn’t tell you). To remedy this, the company rented spots in the parking lot across the street from the LA Convention Center, where E3’s currently being held.

Apparently, not too happy about Ouya’s move, the company that runs E3, the Entertainment Software Association (or ESA) parked its trucks in spaces in front of Ouya’s display, blocking them from view of E3 attendees.

After that, Ouya rented spots in front of ESA’s trucks to put up banners of their own. Soon after that, the LAPD arrived to check on Ouya’s permits.

According to a post on IGN, Uhrman has tried to work things out with ESA, but is ready to deal with more of their machinations if need be:

“If ten more trucks show up, we’ll come up with another idea. I have a few up my sleeve.”

[Via IGN]

  1. Do many police ride/drive segways in the states? Looks goofy.

  2. good get that trash outa here . pirated movies boxes arent worth talking about

  3. …because a small booth in a parking lot…across the road is a threat to all the big business presentations going on inside?

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