Deus Ex Director’s Cut No Longer Wii U Exclusive

human revolution

One of the biggest disappointments from the Wii U launch was the absence of Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends, a pretty awesome looking 2D platformer that promised tons of interesting utilization of the console’s touch-enabled GamePad controller. But after the game was delayed from launch by a few months, it was announced that it also would no longer be Wii U-exclusive—making many wonder whether they’d been duped into getting a Wii U for what they thought was an experience that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

Cut to today, and it seems that yet another previously exclusive games for Nintendo’s console has gone multiplatform. Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Director’s Cut was announced for the Wii U back in March, which featured touch-enabled bits and pieces, plus new boss fights and previously released DLC. But publisher Square Enix has announced that the director’s cut will be headed to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Mac later this year. The news comes by way of a post on Eurogamer, which also says what we’re all thinking: is Square Enix breaking the Wii U exclusivity because of the console’s lousy sales so far?

It’s a catch 22, really. Exclusive games are meant to drive the sales of consoles. But when console sales are already so crappy, the publisher and developer can’t make the money they ought to because of the limited install-base.

Stéphane D’Astous, general manager of the game’s developer, Eidos-Montreal, commented that bringing the director’s cut to more platforms was more about responding to the overwhelming response from fans:

“After our Director’s Cut announcement we received an overwhelming response from the community asking us to bring this ultimate edition of Human Revolution to other platforms.

We’re thrilled to accommodate that request. We can now say with pleasure, ‘You asked for this!’”

The post adds that the second-screen aspects of the game that were meant for the Wii U GamePad will be utilized through the Xbox’s smartphone app, SmartGlass, and through a cross-platform connectivity between the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita. That’s interesting enough on its own, considering few games for those platforms have taken advantage of that kind of integration with secondary devices. But even still, it stings to be a Wii U owner and have another exclusive title taken away.

Hopefully Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 will stay off those other filthy consoles. And failing that…we’ll always have Mario…

[Via Eurogamer]

  1. Well , technically HUGE RESPONSE from fans can really be considered a big factor. Many non-Wii-U gamers would like to also play the Director’s Cut version even me, a pc gamer. So while it stings, I think it’s more of a good things cause everyone, and I mean everyone will be able to play it. Sorry Wii-u gamers but I think this is more positive than negative

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