These Arma 3 Screenshots Are Super Pretty


Arma 3, perhaps the world’s greatest military and seagull simulator, will be available for showcasing during next week’s E3 2013 exhibition. In celebration of one of the biggest gaming events of the year, the game’s developer Bohemia Interactive has unleashed 12 brand spanking new screenshots for you to go ga-ga over. The first one is above.

Just don’t drool on yourself in the process.

Both Arma 3 and the DayZ standalone will be available on the show floor next week, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears locked to Inside Gaming if you want to hear the latest, greatest and most-joke-filled industry-rich commentary regarding them.

Just don’t expect us to be articulate. That’s Rob Smith’s job.

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  1. Wow screenshots!

    I just wish there was some way i could play arma 3 right now. Maybe in alpha form over steam.

    A fools dream.

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