Nintendo Offers Insight into their New E3 Plans

As you may have heard already, being the savvy consumer/reader/video game lumberjack you are, the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo is nearly upon us – next week in fact. We’ll be hearing the latest and potentially greatest announcements from the world’s biggest (and sometimes smallest) game developers.

Many will have press conferences, but the house of Mario will not.

Though this announcement was made weeks upon weeks ago, Nintendo has been very hush-hush on the matter of clarifying their decision to forego tradition and drop the annual presser like a sack of bricks. They’re instead launching a morning-of Nintendo Direct E3 live special that will detail everything the press will see on the show floor, but letting consumers in on the announcement fun in a familiar way.

Nintendo of America president Reggie-Fils-Aime recently posted a video on the Nintendo YouTube page outlining this and the company’s plans for the show, as well as offering up some comfort to those worried about Nintendo’s style of presence this year. His voice, it’s still that of angels.

Tuck us in, won’t you Papa Reggie? Tuck us in with your oh-so-soothing voice of angels that will no doubt carry us safely through E3… unless you flop on unveiling that new 3D Mario game. That is the equivalent of spinning a nice bed-time story and shutting the book right on our abnormally-sized child noses. And then pushing us on the floor. A hardwood floor. Littered with litters of Legos we forgot to clean up earlier because we’re lazy.

And you wouldn’t want to do us that way, would you, Papa Reggie?

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