Respawn’s New Game is Called Titanfall


According to a post on NeoGAF, the cover subject of Game Informer’s July issue is Respawn Entertainment’s new game, Titanfall. The game is slated for a Spring 2014 release, coming exclusively to Microsoft’s consoles, the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. According to the post, the 360 version is being ported by a different developer.

The post confirms some earlier rumors of what we thought was to be called Titan. The game will feature ground-based soldiers, called pilots, and giant mechs called Titans, and players will have the option to play as either one from a first-person shooter perspective. Apparently one of Respawn’s goals with this game is to make the mechs “feel fast,” rather than lumbering behemoths. The pilots, too, will be very fast and agile, able to jump on enemy mechs to take them down, do double jumps, run on walls, and more. And if you decide to play as a pilot, you’ll be able to command a mech to follow you and take down enemies as you go.

There are plenty of other details, like the fact that players will survive for longer than in Call of Duty, part of an effort to make it “more welcoming to newcomers.” The post also notes that there will be SmartGlass integration and “some level” of Kinect functionality, so take that as you will. Hopefully it won’t be too terribly dependent on the Kinect, because we all know how that could turn out.

Overall, the new game sounds like everything we could ever want in a new FPS franchise. The fact that it’s coming out exclusively for the Xbox One would seem to score Microsoft’s new console plenty of big points. Is that enough of a selling point to make you lean one way or the other?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see when that issue of Game Informer drops for more details. That—or wait for Respawn and Microsoft’s E3 presentation next week. I can’t wait to see this thing in action.

[NeoGAF via Polygon]

  1. It will be on the pc as well i think right?

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