TellTale Teases Potential ‘The Walking Dead: Season Two’ Story With Short Video (Updated)


Update — Have Another Vine

The studio just posted ANOTHER vine moments ago via Twitter. This one’s called Day 220, and it’s pretty much the same thing (except featuring another missing survivor named Bonnie). It’s attached right below the other one for your own sake. ENJOY!

Original Story

TellTale Games, the studio behind last year’s story-driven, award-winning episodic game series, The Walking Dead: Season One, has begun lightly teasing forthcoming content related to the series. Whether or not this particularly pertains to The Walking Dead: Season Two or simply expanded content for the first season remains to be seen. Though we know both are coming eventually.

The clip, entitled ‘Day 2’ and released on Twitter’s Vine video service, showcases a missing persons board, upon which is posted an image of a new character, Vince. A letter reading “evacuate immediately to designated shelters” is also visible on the board.

The first episode in Season One was entitled, A New Day, indicating that this aptly titled ‘Day 2’ clip could be teasing a second season for the series, as cleverly pointed out by Eurogamer. Then again, this could be the extra content we found out about a few months ago from the game’s writer, Gary Whitta.

The Walking Dead: Season Two is supposedly slated for release this fall on undetermined platforms. Though it’s not out of the realm of plausibility that it’ll appear on platforms analogous with the first season, as TellTale intends to make Season One saves transfer over to Season Two.

[via Eurogamer]

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