Pre-E3 2013 Preview: Halo: Spartan Assault

So another week begins, so continues our Pre-E3 2013 coverage. And what better to continue said coverage with than a preview of the newly unveiled Halo: Spartan Assault, 343 Industries’ Windows 8-exclusive top-down, twin-stick shooter slated for launch next month.

The game was officially unveiled to the world today by 343i and Microsoft, so we took a sunny stroll on a nearby beach with the game’s executive producer, Dan Ayoub, to see what the game is all about, why 343i is taking the game in this Halo Wars/Smash TV direction, and why the game’s main character Sarah Palmer has acquired such a distaste for eggheads over her career.

“We’re really excited to get Halo onto a tablet. The reason we wanted to do it — well, there’s a few reasons actually. First of all, it’s all about expanding right? How do we get people to enjoy Halo when they’re not necessarily sitting in front of their tv or sitting in front of their console?

We looked at a number of form factors and this just felt like a great one, right? So you’re going to be able to play it on your tablet, you’re going to be able to play it on your phone, you’re going to be able to play it on your Windows 8 PC — it’s a brand new way to enjoy the franchise.”

Halo: Spartan Assault will launch next month for $6.99 on all Windows 8 devices.

Also, can’t you tell how professional we are with our fancy summer shades? Professionals I tell you, pro-fesh-eh-nulls.

  1. He said it is coming on Windows PC. Does this mean that the game might also run on Windows 7?

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