Inside Gaming Trailers – May 23, 2013

  1. An actual new Guilty Gear? Never thought I would see the day, and it looks awesome too. Be still my heart.

    • Yeah, it’s cool to see a new game, I never really got into the series

      • It’s a very decent fighting series, and it was one of the few that had a plethora of stuff to do on single player mode like challenges and endless, but it kinda got stale by them re-releasing Guilty Gear X for over 10 years with a minor tweak here and there and more characters. (Think Street Fighter 2 to Super SF2 Turbo)

        Now this, hell, I’m ultra excited just because it’s brand new everything.

      • ..and because cel shading of this quality has never been seen on a real-time engine.
        I guess the 1080p res helps a lots, but the shaders themselves are good enough to trick you into believing the chars are animated sprites.

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