Check Out The Monsters University Play Set in Disney Infinity

Outside of a hefty reveal and a few screenshots hither and thither, we haven’t received much in the way of consistent details regarding the forthcoming Disney Infinity – the House of Mouse’s take on the NFC action figure genre that Skylanders currently dominates.

So today we offer you a new trailer that explores the Monsters University play set, one of the action figure-based toy sets that will actually come included in the Disney Infinity starter pack. And as the trailer’s description implies, you’ll be able to ”customize your own Frat Row, compete in the annual Scare Games, and watch out for pranksters from rival Fear Tech.”

The game will launch this August with a number of toy sets up for purchase, but I’m glad a property as unique and relatively new as Monsters University is being included in the preliminary bundles.

Sure, it’s mostly meant to tie in with the movie release of the same name, but who cares? It’s shaping up to be an impressive-looking game regardless. Let’s hope it is!

And if you don’t like Disney, go watch Lion King 1.5 and get back to me.

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[via Polygon]

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