Metro: Last Light Season Pass Details Released

metro last light dlc

Been playing Metro: Last Light? Want some DLC? Good news: it’s coming next month, and you can get a season pass for only $15 (or 1200 Microsoft Points, of course).

So far, publisher Deep Silver has announced four forthcoming DLC packs for the game: The Faction Pack, the Chronicles Pack, the Tower Pack, and the Developer Pack. The first two on that list will offer up new single-player missions that add to the game’s campaign, while the Tower Pack will provide a “unique solo challenge to Metro veterans.” What does that mean? I don’t know.

The Developer Pack will probably involve some kind of customization tools, though it’s not clear what that’ll entail either. If Last Light were just for the PC, then I’d imagine that it’d be a full set of customization tools. But it’s not: the game is out on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and as such, those platforms wouldn’t likely support full modding and whatnot. So…I don’t know about that one either.

The Faction Pack will drop first in June, with the rest probably set to come out steadily after that. And PlayStation Plus subscribers can get a 25 percent discount on the season pass through June 4 in the U.S. (or June 5 everywhere else).

Well? What do you think? Interested?

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