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It’s been about eight years since the launch of the Xbox 360, and nearly twelve since the release of the original Xbox. And today, Microsoft has finally unveiled its next-generation plan for its living room-invading next Xbox: the Xbox One. We’ve been patiently watching the news flow out of the reveal conference this morning, and even our own Editor-In-Chief Rob Smith is up in Redmond, Washington checking out the console for himself.

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As it is our duty to help you digest this megaton bomb of a news explosion, we’re providing the following news hub with videos, articles, pictures and hilarious words galore. Enjoy and get to slappin’ your orchestrated, cohesive thoughts down in the comments. It’s discussion time, folks, and we’re just glad to have something new to talk about.

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  1. My canned Beer is way, better!

  2. Strange controller, kinda like a throwback to the original xbox, the console design itself is okay, simple enough, no unnecessary curves or anything, and kinect, well, that`s always a waste of time, no matter how better they say it is.

    • Don’t judge the kinect so fast, if it works like it did in the demo it might be more than just a gimmick.

      • Brian P Rubin

        Agreed! But until I see it in action for myself, I am going to remain cautiously pessimistic. I hate watching a baseball game on my Xbox 360, and then having the Kinect think that me drinking a beer is actually me wanting to pause the game, rewind, or whatever the heck it thinks I’m doing. KINECT. Bah!

      • I`m judging because I think we are ten years to early from having motion tracking technology that could actually change how games are played, and I remember how MS masquerade the original kinect, it looked awesome, and we all know that it`s an overpriced VHS for exercisers.

  3. I Just want an original console system. I dont want towatch football from it or any of the other mess. I want a controller that is built for gaming and awesome games. Not another computer. I ts looking like im going to be just playing on my computer with my keyboard and mouse. The games look better anyway among other really simple things. Like not having to worry about internet connections.

  4. Open questions for everybody:

    1. Are people freaking out about “no used games” w/o a game key just looking for something to hate the XB1 for?

    2 .I think it’s not the best idea to require an Internet connection every 24 hours, but in this day and age, it is really that big of a deal? How many people without half-decent Internet will be buying one of these? Are there industry statistics on such a population?

    3. If the TV features were to work like they did in the conference, wouldn’t it make sense that there would be a direct line into the XB1 for fiber optic? Isn’t it totally redundant to have your cable box/satellite receiver/whatever plug into the XB1, and then have the XB1 plug into the TV?

    (I’m sure I have more questions, but I can’t think of them ATM.)

    • 1- I bought some used games at discount price, I think I can live without it because is the same thing if you bought a digital copy from the psn or xb. The issue lies in changing my mindset that a physical copy that I bought, I won’t be able to lend it to a friend or asked a friend to borrow some disc because I will have to buy it from the online store to have the right to play the game. That’s awfull, and thinking about sharing ids so borrowing is allowed… its not much better, that was an issue in psn with scams that got the id to share dlc and downloadable games, but one person just steals everything. So, yes this is an issue for me.

      2- Yeah, in this day and age to not have connection is nearly unthinkable in big cities, even not so big cities… yeah… I have my smartphone, and wifi in the house… but it can go down, and at that moment I still can play singleplayer games. With a requirement of the at least a 24 hour check or the key for the game to be linked with your xbox live account. If you happened to lose internet when you bought a shiny new game, you would be unable to play it because you won’t be able to link it. So besides IN THIS DAY AND AGE ALWAYS ON ITS NOT A REALLY BIG DEAL… SIMCITY! and if im not wrong… some statistics said that at least 30% of all xbox 360 weren’t online, so that 30% its out of the game.

      3- Of course all of those features are awesome, if they work as advertised… the big issue at least for me is that I didn’t ask for it and I don’t watch that much TV to be changing game TV GAME TV GAME MUSIC TV OH OH I WANT TICKETS FOR THAT MOVIE BUT I CANNOT PAUSE THE MOVIE(BECAUSE I CAN’T FIND A FUCKING BUTTON OH YEAH I DONT HAVE A REMOTE CONTROL). And joking aside I don’t live in US, and all of those features and NFL bla bla bla are really US centric. Microsoft even said that TV integration is only for US at least when the system launch. The worst thing is that things like netflix even still doesn’t work in some countries… and I’m not going to buy a console that half and really one of the most important features they made its not available where i’m living.

  5. The console specs are good enough, considering they’ll be upgrading its potential for processing via cloud. The kinect 2.0 is still on my hot list for BS devices. I’m going to wait a full year or two in order to see if any devs are actually able to put the thing through its paces. The controller is basically an improved 360 controller, which isn’t a bad thing. In contrast to the PS4, I think there’s more going on the One than on Sony’s console. Just the revamped Xbox Live feature’s have me salivating. Looks like I’m giving myself the number “One” console this Christmas. :)

    • Totally agree. People seem to be forgetting that in their rampant criticism of the XB1. The PS4 wasn’t all that impressive, and the two systems are nearly identical in tech specs. I’ve always felt that Xbox’s exclusives were higher quality than PlayStation’s (although I really wish I could play The Last of Us when it comes out), and I think a lot of people agree. Both systems will have DVR functionality. The PS4 will have virtually none of these television features. The Xbox has always had a better online ecosystem. So what’s all the fuss about? If you really, really hate Microsoft with a seething passion no matter what, or you don’t have half-decent Internet that will let you connect once a day, or you don’t agree with the used game license system (methinks that it will eventually come out that Sony will be allowing the same with the PS4), then I guess you won’t get an XB1. But in reality, any of those things aren’t the end of the world.

      I loathe nerd rage, especially nerd rage that isn’t based in reality.

  6. So instead of always having to be on you have to sign on at least once a day.. I still do not care for that.. most of the time that I end up wanting to play on my consoles I do not have internet, or ability to connect it to my internet. ( Wifi just does not work at all in my house, something to due with something in the structure. )

    The No used games thing also cuts into me, since I have a habit of renting games from services like Gamefly, and even buying from them if I end up enjoying the game. ( Not always from them, normally I buy my games retail but sometimes I end up being from them instead. )

    So the games I do not consider a must by on the console ( and to be honest that list is getting fewer and fewer ) I want to play them first to see if I like them enough, and demos always seem to not be a proper show of the game itself. So I rent the games.

    Of course backwards compatibility is a huge thing to me as I also have a habit of playing my older games from time to time.. ( Something I am still POed at Sony due to what they did with PS3.. and no I was unable to get one of the original PS3s that had it.. ) However this makes me wonder how that will end up fully working with this especially with their setup for used games.

  7. Question, will having a half decent internet even be a problem? I mean if its just to check if your games are pirated or to download an quick update it may only take a few moments of your time

  8. Playstation did well. Playstation 2 has done the best out of anything in gaming. Sony got complacent as fuck, put out the PS3, which wasn’t bad by any means, and thought that it would just sell it self. PS and PS2 had a game centric approach and did incredibly well (PS2 to mention has the most units sold in comparison to every other gaming console, it just topped Gameboy and Gameboy DS). PS3 had a tech approach and didn’t do as well.

    Xbox did eh, okay. 360 did better (not so much now) for years because of its game centered approach. That is what made it stick out over PS3. PS3 had better tech and features. 360 focused on games the same way PS and PS2 did.

    Xbox One is taking the approach of PS3 now. MSFT has gotten complacent as hell.

    Sony seems to have gotten their shit together after the result of PS3, and has a more game centered approach. They showed the specs, and a bunch of games so far. They mentioned they are doing a new interface to mimick that of XBL. They saw how good it was and now realized the blunders with the XMB so they are doing away with it.

    Predictions? Sony is being handed fillet mignon by microsoft, with cheesecake on the side, and their choice of alcohol to just dominate this generation of console gaming.

    As Joe said “Sony, if you make your premium service on the PSN free, you have won the gaming war.”

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