Watch_Dogs Pre-Order Bonuses at GameStop and Amazon Revealed


Today, Ubisoft announced the bonuses for pre-ordering their new world-hacking game, Watch_Dogs, from Amazon or GameStop. What’ll you get? An exclusive game stuff, like missions, boosts, bonus whatevers, and other junk. Pre-orders!


At GameStop, pre-orderers will get The Palace Pack, “which includes an investigation bonus and ATM hack boost.” Apparently the boost unlocks “exclusive investigation opportunities inside of the network,” which…sounds like a thing. The ATM hack boost will get you more money when hacking into NPCs’ bank accounts. That definitely sounds like a thing. Possibly best of all, though, is that GameStop pre-orders will get you an exclusive Alex Ross poster, whose comic book work has made him something of a modern legend. Definitely a cool bonus there.

As for Amazon, you’ll get The Signature Shot Pack, which offers up an exclusive single player mission that leads to an outfit and weapon unlock. No poster there…but still pretty alright considering it’s a whole mission.

Not bad in either place…and don’t forget, Watch_Dogs is headed for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, NextBox 720 (or whatever they’ll call it tomorrow), and PC. Think you’ll pre-order it? What’s got you most jazzed about this thing?

  1. Where is Montreal, again ?


    It is interesting if you look on Amazon the price for the PS4 version of the game is $100, so perhaps games will be costing more on the next gen consoles.

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